Include Your IAFF Local in the Content Portal
Updated On: May 29, 2012

We have created a portal for IAFF Local information and content. is now integrated with the UnionActive IAFF website system

This integration allows us to display current news headlines, photo galleries, videos, blogs, and other content directly from participating IAFF local websites.

We now have a featured photos area on the home page to display photos from featured IAFF Local galleries, and we will be adding other featured areas as well very soon.

This integration of UnionActive IAFF websites with gives the content from participating IAFF local websites instant exposure to hundreds of thousands of viewers. It also vastly improves the sites search engine rankings as the content is now connected to thousands of other websites.

All you have to do is post content to your UnionActive IAFF website!

Post news stories, photos, blog topics, videos. The more you post to all of these areas the more exposure your content will get. All of it will be included in the content areas unless you opt to be removed from the content portal.

Additionally the IAFF Local information list has been upgraded to a database format that allows paging of the local list, filtering of the local list by state or city, and many other powerful options. Make sure to keep your locals information current by notifying us of any local number or website address changes.

Is your IAFF local not using the UnionActive IAFF system?

If not then your sites content is not being included in! But don't worry, its easy to get started. Contact us with any questions or visit for more information.

Submit/Update Your Local

This list of IAFF Locals is provided to you by Local 1132, Roanoke Fire Fighters Association, of Roanoke City, Virginia. We would like to thank Local 1132 member Rhett Fleitz (The Fire Critic) for all his work for this site.

Local 1132 would like to recommend UnionActive if you are interested in starting your own website!

Please submit a link or notify us of a broken link. If your local is not listed here contact us with the Local #, State, and website.

IAFF Local Newswire
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Updated: Dec. 15 (04:01)

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