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Local 65 |
Knoxville, TN Professional Firefighters
Local I-65 |
Albany, NY Airport, NY Fire Fighters
Local F-65 |
Halifax, NS Naval Yard
Local I-66 |
Boeing, WA Fire Fighters
Local 66 |
Waterloo, IA Professional Firefighters
Local 67 |
Columbus, OH Professional Firefighters
Local 68 |
Norfolk Professional Fire Fighters
Local I-68 |
Sikorsky, CT Aircraft Fire Fighters
Local I-69 |
Pratt & Whithey, CT Aircraft Fire Fighters
Local 73 |
St. Louis, Professional Fire Fighters, Paramedics, EMT's and Dispatchers
Local I-74 |
Princeton University, NJ PPL FF
Local 74 |
Local I-76 |
Cleveland, OH Industrial
Local 76 |
Somerville, MA Firefighters Association
Local 77 |
Saint Joseph, MO Firefighters Association
Local 78 |
City of Jeannette
Local I-78 |
Pemco, AL Fire Fighters Assoc.
Local F-78 |
Hanscom, MA Airforce Base
Local I-79 |
Moffett Field FF
Local 80 |
Saskatoon Fire Fighters
Local I-82 |
Emerg. Medical Prof. of Missouri
Local 82 |
Minneapolis, MN Professional Firefighters
Local 83 |
Topeka, KS Professional Firefighters
Local I-83 |
Professional FF of INL, Blackfoot, ID
Local I-84 |
Eareckson, AK Fire Fighters
Local F-85 |
IAFF Local F-85
Local I-86 |
Monterey, CA County EMS
Local 86 |
Troy, NY Professional Firefighters
Local 87 |
Jackson, MS Firefighters Association
Local F88 |
Wright Patterson Air Force Base, OH Fire Firefighters
Local 88 |
Zanesville, OH Professional Firefighters
Local F-88 |
Wright-Patterson, OH Air Force Base
Local I-88 |
Hamilton Sundstrand Emergency Services Officers Association
Local F-89 |
San Antonio, TX
Local 89 |
Clarksburg, WV Professional Firefighters
Local 91 |
Parkersburg, WV Professional Firefighters
Local 92 |
Toledo, OH Professional Firefighters
Local F-92 |
Kessler, MS Air Force Base
Local 93 |
Cleveland, OH Professional Firefighters
Local 94 |
Uniformed Firefighters Association of Greater New York, NY
Local 95 |
Oak Park, IL Professional Firefighters
Local 96 |
Butte, MT Professional Firefighters
Local 99 |
Aurora, IL Professional Firefighters
Local F-99 |
Fort Roots, AR Fire Fighters Assoc.
Local 100 |
Newport, RI
Local F-100 |
N.E.T.C., RI Naval Base - Newport
Local 101 |
Duluth, MN Professional Firefighters Association
Local 102 |
Saginaw, MI Professional Firefighters
Local F-102 |
LeMoore Federal FF
Local 103 |
Sedalia, MO Fire Fighters
Local 104 |
Wilkes-Barre City FF Union
Local F-105 |
Fort Drum Federal FF
Local 106 |
Bellingham, WA Professional Firefighters
Local F-107 |
Warner, Robins, GA Air Force Base
Local 107 |
Mount Vernon
Local F-108 |
Fort Leonard Wood, MO
Local 108 |
Northampton, MA Professional Firefighters
Local 109 |
Newark, OH Professional FF
Local F-109 |
Cumberland Valley, PA
Local 112 |
Los Angeles City United Firefighters
Local 113 |
Toronto Professional Fire Fighters Association
Local 114 |
Butler Professional FF
Local F-116 |
Vandenberg Professional Fire Fighters
Local 116 |
Bay City, MI Professional Firefighters
Local 117 |
Birmingham, AL Firefighters
Local F-118 |
Moody, GA Air Force Base
Local F-121 |
National Capital Federal FF
Local 122 |
Jacksonville, FL Association of Firefighters
Local F-123 |
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, ME
Local 124 |
Fort Wayne, IN Professional Firefighters
Local 127 |
La Crosse, WI Firefighters
Local 129 |
Wilmington, NC Firefighters Association
Local 134 |
Atlanta, GA Fire Fighters
Local 135 |
Wichita, KS Fire Fighters
Local F-135 |
Dover, DE Air Force Base
Local 136 |
Dayton, OH Firefighters
Local 140 |
Nashville, TN Professional Firefighters
Local 141 |
Green Bay, WI Professional Firefighters
Local 142 |
London, Ontario
Local F-142 |
Yuma, AZ
Local 143 |
Everett Firefighters
Local 144 |
Brockton, MA Firefighters
Local 145 |
San Diego City, CA Firefighters
Local 146 |
Lawrence, MA Professional Firefighters
Local F-147 |
Federal Firefighters Coltsneck, NJ
Local 149 |
Boise Fire Fighters
Local F-150 |
U.S. Naval Base Guam
Local F-151 |
Walter Reed Fire Fighters
Local F-152 |
Dobbins, GA Air Reserve Base
Local 152 |
Springfield, MO Firefighters Association
Local F-154 |
Youngstown, OH
Local F-156 |
Imperial Valley
Local 157 |
Oklahoma City, OK Firefighters Association
Local 160 |
New Castle, PA
Local F-160 |
Pinawa, MB
Local F-161 |
N.I.S.T. Gaithersburg, MD
Local 162 |
Ottawa Professional Fire Fighters Association
Local F-164 |
Holloman, NM Air Force Base
Local 165 |
Ashtabula, OH Firefighter's
Local F-166 |
Monterey, CA

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